• If you have non-standard cards or bad cards.
    Change the cards. You can use only ISO CR-80 card (54mm x 86mm).
  • If the card thickness control lever is set improperly.
    Adjust the card thickness gate to accommodate your card’s thickness. Refer to the Card Printer User Manual section 2.3.
  • If you have misaligned card stacking in the input hopper. (ID200S)
    Remove, align and reload cards into the input card hopper. Refer to the Card Printer User Manual section 2.3.
  • If the cards have static or moisture.
    Remove cards, break the static by fanning then, and replace moist card with new ones.
  • Clean the hopper roller. If the hopper roller is dirty or dusty, the printer may not be able to move a card through the printer.
    – Clean after the printer prints 1,000 cards using the YMCKO ribbon.
    – Clean after the printer prints 2,500 cards using the KO ribbon.
    – Clean after the printer prints 5,000 cards using the MONO ribbon.

     We recommend cleaning the inside of the printer and the roller as shown below. Please refer to the Card Printer User Manual.

  Contaminated Cleaning Roller          Normal Cleaning Roller

  • Check the cleaning roller and clean it as needed.
    – When cleaning the cleaning roller, hold the cleaning roller and widen the bracket to take the roller out of the Card Printer.
    – Wash the roller with running water, dry it and reinstall into the Card Printer.

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